How are the lashes applied?

I proudly use Borboleta Beauty extensions, aftercare and hold certifications in multiple techniques and focus on the Borboleta Beauty application. Carefully, a natural lash is isolated and an extension is applied using medical grade adhesive. Your eyes are closed for the whole service, inviting you to take a nice relaxing lash nap.  


Are lash extensions safe to wear continuously?

Safety and preservation of your natural lash is most important to and I will not put anything on a natural lash that will cause any damage. If your lash extensions are done properly so each natural lash can go through its growth cycle and proper aftercare is followed, there is no need to remove your extensions.  When you come in for each touch up any grown out extensions are safely removed and a new extension is applied. 


How often do my extensions need to be touched up?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent and touch up appointments are required, and proper aftercare is important to maintain your lash extensions. Each eyelash has its own growth cycle that can last 30 to 45 days, once it sheds it will take the extension with it. On average most people go 2 to 3 weeks between touch-ups, any appointment over 4 weeks is considered a full set. 


Will I need mascara with my extensions?

Mascara is not needed with extensions and is not recommended as it sticks to the extensions and can cause damage to your natural lashes. If you feel your lashes aren't full enough there are many options to adjust the overall look to achieve your goal. 


How do you customize a lash design? 

Evaluating your overall face shape and natural lash length I can determine the best design and curl for your needs.  I offer various curls and lengths of lashes to achieve various designs. Feel free to bring any reference or inspiration photos to your appointment.


I've had an irritation/reaction to lash extensions before, am I a candidate for them again?

If you have any allergy related concerns, please reach out to schedule a consultation. 

What is the aftercare?

You should not get your extensions wet, be around steam or work out for 24 hours after each application. After 24 hours you must clean your lashes. Cleaning your lash extensions is a requirement daily after the 24 hour period to maintain the health of your eyes to avoid any buildup of oils and bacteria that can break down the adhesive bonds. Brushing your extensions daily will help detangle and freshen up your extensions. Using oil-based products, gel-based liners or pencils on your eyelid should be avoided. Lash extensions are low maintenance for any lifestyle. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 


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