With 13+ years as a licensed cosmetologist and an appreciation for ongoing education, Laura is able to bring her unique style and attention to detail to the world of microblading, eyelash extensions and other beauty enhancements. Laura began her journey studying the arts, attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but found her true calling within cosmetology. She later worked as a hair stylist and make-up artist, working on photoshoots for magazines as well as live fashion shows, before venturing into the world of eyelash extensions and microblading. She is a certified volume lash artist with Borboleta Beauty, where she excels at offering custom volume lash sets, and is an Elleebana certified lash lift artist. As a cosmetic tattoo artist, she has been certified by Deluxe Brows, HOI Basix and continues to educate herself through different training programs to offer her clients the most safe, consistent and customized service she can.