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is microblading the best enhancement for me?

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

The world of beauty enhancements is ever expanding and evolving so how are you, the consumer, supposed to find the right choice that will be perfect for your everyday? Simply doing an online search could yield so many results it can be overwhelming and leaves you confused. Lets take some time to go over some Q&A of microblading and powder brow enhancements.

When you search "microblading" online you'll get a lot of photos, blog posts, youtube videos, and products. But really... what is microblading?

Technically it is a tattoo. In the simplest definition a tattoo marks (a person or a part of the body) with an indelible design by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin. The goal with microblading is to give the appearance of eyebrow hair or makeup, to add to existing hair for fullness, or cover areas that don't have hairs. This is great for anyone with some or all eyebrow hair loss due to medical issues, or for people who don't want the hassle of drawing brows on everyday.

How is microblading different than a tattoo?

Most microblade artist use a manual tool, it looks similar to an exact-o knife. Using a manual tool allows the artist to "scratch" at the surface of the skin in order to place pigment in the hair-like strokes. The strokes sit right in the epidermis, unlike a tattoo which sits in the dermis. This technique, combined with the pigment used, was created so over time the enhancement will fade.

Why is it only semi permanent?

As we mature gravity gets the best of us and our skin will start to change. Fading gives the option to change design, color, or thickness at future touch ups (obviously some restrictions apply). Going too deep with microblading can cause blow outs under the skin, which look blurry and can alter the tone of pigments. Using medical grade pigments instead of tattoo ink, also allow the artist to customize the color for your skin tone with keeping more natural coloration and ingredients. (We only use vegan, cruelty free, medically sterile and highly saturated colors)

Whats different between microblading, powder, ombre, feathering....why are there so many choices?

There are so many options because its totally personal preference on how you'd like your brows to look. Lets go through some that we offer...

Microblading: hair strokes, great for dry to medium/combination skin.

Powder brow: mimics makeup, great for all skin types.

Ombre: ombre is the powder brow technique but the coloration is softer. Ombre powder goes light to dark - example: front of brow is lighter and gets darker in the middle towards the tail. Completely customizable.

Feathering: mimics makeup, is softer than power brows. Also completely customizable.

How do I know its right for me?

After reading up on our FAQ and aftercare, take time to come to a decision that is your personal choice.

When you send us an email to schedule, you will get a questionnaire in return to have a pre consultation that will assist in making sure you have the best experience.

Have more questions?

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