• Laura Bennington

lets talk freckles...

Most people who want freckle tattoos either have no freckles at all or they’re enhancing those they have. Immediately after the procedure the freckles appear darker and raised with some redness. The two to four days after they will appear darker, but don't worry they will soften in color leaving very real looking freckles.

Keeping in mind that a cosmetic tattoo, while not completely permanent, will be around from 1-3+ years depending on aftercare and skin type. Before making an appointment for this service, I recommend trying a temporary outlet first. There are freckle makeups available as well as tips and tricks using self tanner or henna. Be sure this is something you truly want just as you would for your eyebrows.

Colors change and fade over time. Sun exposure, facial peels, medications or failure to follow aftercare can cause excess fading of any cosmetic tattoo. Touch up six weeks after your initial appointment may be needed, and if you really love them be sure to come back yearly to keep them fresh.

How do I know its right for me?

After reading up on our FAQ and aftercare, take time to come to a decision that is your personal choice.

When you send us an email to schedule, you will get a questionnaire in return to have a pre consultation that will assist in making sure you have the best experience.

Have more questions?

Send us an email!

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